Sunday, May 18, 2008

Freebie Kit 'SELIN' by PascaleA

Hi everyone
Just wanted to share this beautiful kit from PascaleA her designs are so beautiful.
If you do get it make sure when you use it you give her the proper credit and please leave a comment if you like.
Check out her other designs while your there.
You can get the 'SELIN' kit here
Just Copy and Paste into you browser

Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Home for a great start

Hi all,
Well my daughter and her family moved into thier new home yesterday,"how exciting".Now comes the teadious task of unpacking,I say good luck and take your time.I went to see my daughter Skye dance at her awards show today and it was super..There are some beautiful dancers and she shone among them, her best is at Tap Dancing she is a natural, They have children as young as three performing and they are so cute,they try so hard and OH MY !!! the concentration look on thier faces is just so adorable.I would have taken photos or Video but for some reason it kept shutting off( the batteries were charged,Well at least the green light said they were, so I am trying to figure it out).I hope my camera isn't the problem,I think I would die if I couldn't snap a special moment.I am deeply disappointed that I have no snaps of today,but thats life..
Till next time Please take care and have a Lovely week.
Big Hugs and Kisses Vesna

Monday, May 12, 2008


This is Skye with Lauclan, on this day Lauclan took Skye to the worm farm his grandparents have and showed Skye the worms in there. She was a little groused out but eventually touched one. The face said it all. I don't think she will do it again for a long time....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Girls

Today I am sharing a photo of my girls.Aren't they all so pretty.

Hi Everyone and welcome.

My name is Vesna and this is me with part of my family at Dreamworld, Australia. I am in the pink, from L to R are my grandaughter Isabel,and my daughters Katie, Jessica (bels mum) and Skye and I can't forget Wags The Dog.
I hope you enjoy my Blogspot.
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